Official eBay module for PrestaShop

Simple et rapide, envoyez vos produits sur eBay et synchronisez vos commandes dans PrestaShop.

July 2022: eBay 2 Official for PrestaShop becomes open source

Launched in 2012, the official eBay module became paid in 2017 after eBay stopped sponsoring the module. Since July 2022, the module is available for free on Github at this address and is no longer available on PrestaShop Addons.
However, 202 ecommerce will provide support to all merchants with an active Business Care license, until their license expires.

After expiration of the license, or for merchants who do not have an active Business Care license, 202 ecommerce offers its services of assistance, support or maintenance according to the price list of our agency.
To obtain a quote, contact our sales department indicating precisely your needs.

Simple and fast, send your products to eBay and synchronize your orders in PrestaShop.

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After months of developement, we are proud to introduce the new version of our eBay module for PrestaShop : eBay Official 2. The module was totally redesigned to provide merchants with the best-to-date tool to list on eBay from PrestaShop.

The core of the module – the sync engine – was recoded entirely. Stock updates are now performed independantly from other data, to ensure stock accuracy even in case eBay would block updates of listing content. Updates are now performed asynchronously (background process). This makes it possible to continue working on PrestaShop while listing on eBay is in progress. Lastly, an error management system shows which products are rejected from eBay and the reason for it. Therefore, so you can make the necessary corrections and maximize inventory part live on eBay.

Ergonomics was fully redesigned, to make it easier to match your categories and products features, often considered as the most tedious work !

The new order import system helps you track the status of all your eBay orders (successfully imported or not).

Fast synchronisation, including for large inventories

New sync engine can support high volumes


Available in all countries where eBay is available

You’re not limited anymore in cross border !


Listing rejection detection system

Make the necessary adjustments on products to maximize inventory publised on eBay



  • Support in 22 countries where eBay is available
  • * Domestic and international shipping management
  • * Shipping calculated on PrestaShop grid
  • * Product features management
  • * Cross-profiles, cross-countries and cross-accounts
  • * Templates available for customizing product description
  • * Product variation management
  • * Quantity and price sync
  • * Order import
  • * Tracking number updates
  • * Product code management (EAN, MPN, ISBN, Etc..)
  • * eBay category matching
  • eBay store category matching
  • * Sync logs
  • * Terms and conditions management
  • * Sync with or without a cron task
  • * Error report and correction support
  • * Sync managed in batch
  • * UX/UI redesign for easier day to day use
  • * Set-up support for quick onboarding
  • * Recovery of your current settings from previous module
  • * Unlimited support for 3 months
  • * Unlimited access to online help
  • * Official module in partnership with eBay


In eBay module free version (1.15 & before), eBay sites availability was conditioned to a prestnership between eBay & PrestaShop at country level. As far as module is now founded by merchants, all eBay sites will be available.

In version 2.0.0 of eBay module, these eBay site are available :,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Missing eBay sites are countries where a VAT apply between states, and eBay module cannot curently support internal VAT. This feature & missing eBay sites will be added in version 2.0.2.


We were glad to provide the eBay module for free since 2012. Today, still in close partnership with eBay, the new module will be charged in order to provide better service and support to our many merchants.

Merchants not willing to purchase module version 2 will still be able to use the current free version. However, they won’t access the lastest improvements nor benefit from our support.

349,99 € HT eBay module 2 unlimited use : no catalog size restriction, no ebay site restriction, no duration restriction !ns limitation de durée, de taille de catalogue, ou de sites eBay !

As all orders made on Addons :

PrestaShop Addons offers the “Business Care” option, which extends support and updates. Subscription to the Business Care offer is mandatory for the first purchase and is included in the final price of the module. Final price of the module = price excluding VAT + 40% for BC + 20% VAT .


From a technical point of view, module version 2 is a “classic” module upgrade, feed will not be broken, and marchants will not need to configure module again.

In order to upgrade, merchants need to buy version 3 module on Addons, then download module zip file, and add module 2 on top of eBay 1 module (ie : without uninstalling eBay 1). Once installed, version 2 will replace version 1.

Once installed, merchants will access new features of version 2 whithout need to re-configure. For example :

– Rejected products will appear progressively, after each product update rejection by eBay.

– In the same way, order re-import will be accessible for orders that failed to import after module upgrade.


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