Yesterday, 19th June 2016, the eBay Pro Sellers Day took place. This annual event lets eBay share information and advice with the merchants who use eBay to sell their products.

The day was divided into several sessions:

  • A plenary session
  • Practical workshops:
    1. Business operations and marketing: how to get involved and submit your promotions to us
    2. Drive and boost your sales with the eBay Sales Booster
    3. Launch yourself on the international market with WebInterpret
    4. E-commerce and logistics: what solutions does eBay offer?
    5. Refunds, returns, order cancellations: how to better manage after-sales on eBay
    6. Visibility of your inventory on eBay: discover our advertising products
  • A discussion area with eBay and partner stands

Here is our feedback.


eBay is a platform allowing buyers and sellers to come together, and no more: eBay’s role isn’t to sell products, or impose paid services (such as logistics) which might influence search result rankings.

What’s new

1 – product codes (EAN/MPN) have been mandatory since 29th February

These product codes will allow automatic listings categorisation.

Seller Benefits

  • Competitor pricing info
  • Better catalogue listing in external formats
  • Help with creating adverts

Buyer Benefits

  • Improved shopping experience
  • Choice help tools and consumer opinions
  • Improved search engine

2 – eBay Client Guarantee

The eBay client guarantee will let clients buy with confidence through an integrated management process from the after-sales service.

3 – eBay Shipping Platform

The eBay shipping platform lets eBay sellers send products with business conditions negotiated by eBay.

  • Colissimo is joining the platform
  • Chronopost is running a promotional offer from 1st June to 31st August


1 – Sales Booster

Free, only available to pro sellers with a subscription to an eBay shop, the booster lets you create promotional offers:

  • Promotional event in order to create a landing page listing all products on promotion
  • Different promotion types : code to be used on one order, cart amount triggered, number of products in cart based, will let you offer a % or absolute reduction
  • Offer targeting limited visibility lets you create private sales directly inside eBay
  • Reduction on accessories

15% increase in turnover noted on average by sellers using the sales booster.

2 – Sales and marketing operations

Sales and marketing team chooses products to highlight according to the time of year (season, special events, trade periods) and promotes these products via the newsletter, retargeting ads & social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc…).

The selection is made by the merchandising team from the products submitted via the promotion programming tool (2 weeks in advance). The selection criteria are: good price, free shipping, Top-rated Seller status, stock, demand (merchandiser expertise).

3 – Advertising Campaigns on eBay

Pro sellers can set up  advertising campaigns on eBay site that can be triggered buy products bought, cart content, or searches carried out with eBay search engine.

Our eBay module is evolving, all the information is on the dedicated page!

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