Want a foretaste of Paris Retail Week 2017 next week ?

French organization Fevad has released its latest ecommerce figures for 2016-2017 in France. An opportunity to catch a few trends and prepare your arrival to the 3-day fair.


What are the main figures to keep in mind ?

Global ecommerce sales have increased by 15% in 2016 compared to 2015. This flawless growth is partly due to M-commerce booming by 16% compared to last year. The M-commerce era was long announced, it is just the beginning. (See our post from December 2016).

The fastest growing industry is online reservations for “tourism” products, including flights, hotels, rentals, leisure activities.

22 000 new online stores were launched in 2016 but only 4,5% of all French emerchants make it above 1 million € of sales. This is not news, many small ecommerce have a hard time towards profitablily while the biggest ecommerce are giantitic.

©Statista 2017


Marketplaces stand for a growing proportion of overall sales : 28% of total sales on average (+18% increase). Who will afford to sulk Amazon or eBay and not have their stock rotating ? 202 ecommerce can help install and configure the marketplace connector of your choice, therefore making it possible to publish listings and synchronize stocks and orders.

The only  dropping figure of the yearly study comes to the average cart. It has lost 7% and is now around 70€. This can be explained by the overall online purchase frequency going up. Consumers buy fewer products more often, thanks to softer shipping fees and fast delivery. Amazon Prime is a screeming example on this regard : through an annual subscription of 50€, all items are delivered to your door for free the next day.

The complete study in English is available for download here.

These stats will be used and commented next week at Paris Retail Week (Salon eCommerce) from September 19 to 21 at Portes de Versailles Hall 7. It is advised to get your bagde online. Entrance on the spot will be charged 50€. (probably an attempt to maintain a business audience and preserve it from wanderers).

202 team will be waiting for you @stand D20 in the PrestaShop Village. Come and talk to us about your ecommerce projects !


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