Prestashop has released a new version of its software, Prestashop, which has been available for download for 2 weeks.

First, you must have noticed that Prestashop has never released the version. At 202, we do not know what happened. However, we are pleased by Prestashop transparency which did not hide the 11 version in a 10 version.

Moreover, the content of this version is typical of stable software: new features and improved performances. Yes, this version is the first 1.6.x to contain news features, confirming, if some still doubted, that the Prestashop 1.6.x branch is completely stable today.

Structural Improvements

The New Round Management System

Round management is a complex feature that can cause strong issues: incompatibility with ERP, legal aspects, and so on. Round management is now configurable with Prestashop Changing round managment must have been a meticulous groundwork. Although not visible, this feature is probably the most important change in


Ability to Store the Smarty Cache in the Database

The smarty cache is an essential feature of PrestaShop, and is stored as a file from the first version of PrestaShop. The version now offers the database storage of cache files. Well, the database may still be slower than a file, but this option was probably added for merchants with access restrictions to file system.


We did not do comparison tests, but many changes included in this version are justified by performance improvements.


Improvement of merchants Back Office

Sent emails record

This feature allows merchants to see all emails sent from their shop. What a great idea! With this tool, it will be easy to verify correct operation of a module thant sends emails, or fix an email content mentioned by a customer on the phone. In addition, you will find the latest emails sent to each client from the customer record.



Last login date of each employee

The last login date of each employee is now automatically saved in his/her account.

Export views to the SQL manager

A new button appears in the top right of each list. It allows you to transfer SQL queries generated by Prestashop to build up the view toward the SQL Manager. This option makes it very easy for a technical operator to modify queries in order to get a custom export, real time saver!


Rules for VAT Management of the Price list

Catalog price rules now explicitly include VAT, which will allow merchants to use them more effectively.

Improvements for developers

Display of SQL queries in the Back Office

When the shop is in development mode, a new button appears in the upper right view and can display the SQL queries of the view. Although it looks like duplicating the “export to SQL manager” feature, it is certainly a time saver for developers.

New Version of the Profiler

I have not seen the new features, except a slightly revised look!

Front Office improvement

Wish list Module improvement

With previous version of the module, consumers were able to create multiple wish lists, but the products addition was done on the default list only. With this new version of the module, consumers can now choose the list on which to add the product. Email sharing has also been improved.


Prestashop 1.6 is definitely cruising. We look forward to future releases, which will probably be rich in new features.

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