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Our module « connection on layout » allows your customers to access faster to their accounts and personal information.

Client not connected to his account Prestashop

To log in prestashop, your customer must click on « My Account » to open a new page, then enter their username and password. With our «connection on layout» module, your customer can connect from any page with a layout that appears in the button over my account.

This layout includes:
– Fields to connect (email, password, login button),
– the « forgotten password » button,
– the « Create my account » button.

With our module, your clients can be connected faster to their Prestashop account.

Client connected to his account Prestashop

Once connected, the module allows your client to access to the « My Account » displaying, still in the layout, the list of links of « My Account »:

– my Orders,
– my product returns,
– my credit slips,
– my addresses,
– my personal information,
– my vouchers.

This area is dynamic : the displayed links are those that are set for the « My Account. » If you decide to not activate voucher module on your online store, the « My vouchers » line won’t exist.

On native Prestashop, the block my account is displayed in a column, that reload the store. Optimize your shop and save your customer’s time with our module.

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