Merchants who use a 202 ecommerce module are likely to contact us for support. Attention: it is essential to contact us via Prestashop addons. In addition, some modules require a valid license to obtain support from us.

Why do we have to contact you by addons?

Prestashop requires developers to use exclusively Prestashop addons for its exchanges with merchants. This allows Prestashop to oversee the work of the various module developers, and to take action in case of challenge between the merchant or developer.

Why to supply Administrator accesses?

Unfortunately, Prestashop does not include a solution allowing module developers to get enough information to fix technical problems without intervening on the shop.

Use of data in support.

As part of this support, 202 ecommerce is likely to request Administrator access to the merchant’s shop, later named “Access Data”

  • For security reasons, and as requested by the support team, it is essential that the access data provided by the merchant is a temporary access that will be destroyed by the merchant once the intervention is completed.
  • 202 ecommerce will retain Access Data until the request for intervention is closed. Then, the Access Data are destroyed as soon as the request is closed.

The data of the merchants, later named «Data eshop», are not used for any purpose other than the resolution of the request made by the merchant himself. Eshop Data is not copied and neither stored by 202 ecommerce