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A renowned specialist in Prestashop development

With over a decade of success as a “Platinum” certified PrestaShop partner agency, 202ecommerce has gained unique expertise in the development of specific e-commerce modules. We’re masters at meeting technically demanding specifications and delivering projects developed by other agencies with less experience. Among our accomplishments? Several migrations of Magento e-commerce sites to PrestaShop.

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Some examples of tailor-made developments at the request of our customers

  • Product personalization and Front-office visualization from an image bank
  • Invoicing and grouped payment at the end of the month for monthly orders by the same customer
  • Configurateur technique avancé de produits « sur mesure »
  • Programme de fidélité sur mesure pour les clients en compte
  • Module de Call back depuis la fiche produit avec interfaces de suivi statistiques (nbre, conversion…)
  • Outil de planification pour expatrié avec simulateur du coût de la vie et du pouvoir d’achat

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Module EBay Prestashop 202Ecommerce
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Module Mondial Relay Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module Trusted Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module Stripe Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module ShoppingFeed Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module FranFinance Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module BrainTree Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module Leetchi Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module Delivengo Prestashop 202Ecommerce
Module Qonto Prestashop 202Ecommerce

Technical skills

Robust techniques are put in place to ensure the platform’s continuous improvement, such as GIT, Jenkins, etc …

202ecommerce especially masters the use and implementation of WebServices, APIs and other electronic data exchanges – technologies that have become key in the implementation of innovative projects.

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Circulate your data

Extreme responsiveness is needed when implementing innovative projects: the Information System must be continously adapted to meet changing needs.

At 202ecommerce, we understand interoperability issues and master the integration of e-commerce sites into our customers’ Information Systems, vis-à-vis: ERP, management software, stocks, invoicing, logistics platforms, flow distributors to marketplaces, e-mailing and e-marketing tools, payment solutions, etc.

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Computerization & Interconnection

The Internet has revolutionized the trading of goods through online sales. Today’s online marketing approach applies to many areas, and its implementation requires the right tools, often inspired by the ecommerce revolution. Whether a project involves the implementation of an API, or simply takes a new approach to an existing business, IT tools play an integral part and must be built with innovation in mind.

Agility & Long-term vision

The realization of a scalable project is now conventionally carried out with an agile project management methodology. Whether this methodology is applied stricto sensus or not (some projects / contexts are not suitable), the most important thing is that the service provider provides his client with a long-term vision, combined with simple short-term solutions.

The ability to exchange ideas and adapt to business and technical constraints is key to a project’s success.

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