The implementation of innovative projects requires extreme responsiveness in the implementation of the Information System : it will indeed be adapted to meet the needs identified during the development of the activity.

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With the raise of online sales, Internet has revolutionized the trading goods industry. Today, many service-sales business, sometimes distant from the trading industry, are reinventing themselves.

The online selling initiative therefore applies to many areas, and its implementation requires rightly adapted IT tools, often inspired from the ecommerce revolution.

Whether that innovative project involves an Uberization, or is simply a new approach to an existing business, the computer tool is part of the project and should be built with an innovative approach : scalability.


Realizing an evolutionary project today is conventionally performed with agile project management methodologies. Whether applied stricto sensus or not (some projects / contexts do not apply), the most important thing lies in that the technical partner provide his client with a forward vision, combined with immediatly-applicable solutions.

The partner’s ability to discuss, elaborate and adapt to business and technical constraints is one key to success.


202 ecommerce is particularly expert in implementing and using WebServices, API and other electronic data exchange systems, which technologies have now become key in successfully implementing innovative projects.

Depending on the context of the project, 202 ecommerce recommends using relevant CMS (PrestaShop, WordPress, etc…), or Framework (Symfony / Laravel), and will set up robust technical tools such as GIT, Jenkins or else, to ensure ongoing evolution of the platform.


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