Online purchases are driven by particular conditions. The creation of an online sales site is but the first step. The second is usually to gain maximum traffic followed by content optimization and organization.


Achieve_ecommerce_success-657x345Advertising is an effective way to get immediate leads, but the cost and limited time efficacy are often constraining factors. Because of this, we help to design intelligent branding campaigns to expose your company image to targeted audiences, which retain more effect over time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in online business development, and can be the primary method of getting your company’s name out there. Given the ever-changing state of search engines and the world of online marketing, pure SEO optimizations quickly reach their limits. 202 will help develop effective communication and e-reputation campaigns.

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When your offer is compelling, the customer acquisition strategy becomes your priority, this policy may be increased tenfold by implementing the appropriate web mechanisms.


An experienced merchant’s sales techniques are perfected through contact with their customers, by learning from failures, and through repetition. They will adjust their sales-pitch to try to persuade and satisfy the greatest number of clients. Why not do the same with your website, through visual and contextual optimization?

How do you present your offer?

In conventional, offline stores, storytelling becomes an important part of brand marketing, and ultimately in a customer’s buying decision. The vendor creates a universe around their product that will appeal to their customers. The same rules apply to an online store – create an environment around your brand and products, in which your customers will feel comfortable. 202 ecommerce knows how to make that happen.

Do your customers understand your site?

You tell your story, but do your customers understand it? Often, explaining company missions and displaying the heart of company values and lifestyle is much more complicated than we think.

Website Ergonomics

Ergonomics does not refer purely to the technical position of the page elements and buttons, but rather the feel of the use of the site, such as touch that one can have with an object. Is your site navigation intuitive? Does it convert a visitor into a customer? Just as automakers pay particular attention to the noise made by closing doors, a quality feel to your site will heavily impact the purchasing decision.

Reassurance pictograms are a good way to improve your conversion rate

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