Does your company provide services to e-merchants that require connection with their PrestaShop? Do you have a specific need for your business that is not met with any available Addons? We can create a PrestaShop module for you, and take care of maintenance and support at levels 1, 2 or 3.

Beyond code quality, the module must be easy to use

Creating White Label PrestaShop Modules

No matter what kind of information you want to share between PrestaShop and an external service, we can create a module that works for your needs. You may then distribute the addon for free or otherwise to any existing or future customers as you wish. With our modules, and depending on the needs of your project, web services will be able to make a connection to PrestaShop accounts and their service. Our areas of experiencer are varied, including payment solutions, additional delivery service, Customer Relationship Management, site functionality and customization, and much more.

Keep in mind that the simple publication of a module is not enough to make it the most downloaded in Addons! We can also assist you in promoting your new module.

Support and Ongoing Maintenance

Publishing a PrestaShop module will eventually generate support requests from merchants using your module, whether it be for feature requests or usage support. If you are not able to answer these requests, sellers will be frustrated and could stop using your module or service. 202 ecommerce is available to operate support in various ways, from supporting your technical support team to providing a telephone service.

For ongoing maintenance, we help you to define the evolution plan of the module, putting in place stages of acceptance, beta testing and analyzing specific feature usage.

Our References of White Label Module Creation

We currently manage 10 PrestaShop modules for significant accounts, including the official eBay module openly distributed in PrestaShop.

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