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Set up a system of Dropshipping really simply

Our module “Send automatic mail to supplier” allows you to automatically send an email to each order to one or more supplier with a list of products ordered by your customers for this supplier.

No need to manually communicate orders to your logistics or suppliers! Once the order is confirmed, the module will send an email with the product or products to the different suppliers.

Customize your email

Among the features of our module, various settings allow back office when sending email automatic sharing with suppliers:
– The delivery address.
– The payment address.
– Customer e-mail.

In addition, the module allows the configuration of multiple email addresses for each supplier. This allows you, for example, to receive a copy of the email sent to your suppliers.

When a customer makes an order containing multiple products like Apple products and Shure products:
– An email is sent to Apple only with Apple products order.
– An email is sent to Shure only with Shure products order.

For example:

We order an iPod Touch and Shure earphones.

Below, here is the email that will receive the Shure supplier.


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