Service by 202: finally a service offer for PrestaShop

La tranquillité du SAAS, l'ouverture de l'OpenSource

Is it really up to the e-merchant to know whether to update PrestaShop or its modules?

Should the e-merchant regularly check if his site is 100% functional, on his various merchants and offers?

Of course not! The merchant must concentrate on his trade as a retailer.

But PrestaShop is a “raw” offer; the software is delivered bare and it is up to you (or your service provider) to equip yourself and organize yourself to update, supervise, monitor eShop activity and apply development plans. appropriate actions.

A package to ensure your MCO

1 – Managing updates

Regular software updates are essential, both for security and to ensure stable operation. 202 ecommerce supports regular updates for all its customers via a flat rate offer.

2 – Supervision of the site

Is your site still 100% functional? How do you make sure of that?

A buyer complains of strange behavior, how do you analyze what happened?

202 ecommerce monitors various technical indicators (speed, Google Page Speed Insight rating, etc.) as well as various checkpoints (server error, application probes, log analysis, etc.) to correct the problems of proactive way.

Give your shop the means to perform!

Creating a store is actually the tip of the iceberg; maintenance in operational condition is the most complex and important part! Moreover, the more the store is personalized, the more complex this maintenance in operational condition will be.

202 ecommerce has strong expertise in this area, and the Service by 202 approach is particularly suitable for mature merchants whose quality and responsiveness requirements are necessarily high.

Your store is making money; Don’t let your success rest on feet of clay, entrust the maintenance of your store to professionals!