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Retain your visitors in a few clicks with a splash screen on the home page.

Our Splash Screen Module allows you to display on the home page, visitor come in your website, a configurable popup in 3 areas.
Offer your visitors to “like” your facebook page, or subscribe to your newsletter, in one click.

A simple configurator for an effective result.

The module offers three areas:
– A newsletter area to mount a database of quality email data.
– An area that allows facebook to highlight his facebook button and give your visitors the opportunity to like your facebook page with one click.
– An open area for adding the popup of what you want with a configurable TinyMCE field. This will allow you to add rich text, but also a photo or video.
You can select areas that should appear or not on your splash screen.


I wish to appear in the popup homepage a video to introduce the website and give users the opportunity to “like” my facebook page and subscribe to my newsletter.

I set three days before the new display Splash Sceen, so the user who will see the popup one day won’t see it again before 3 days after. I added to my facebook page “like” and enabled the newsletter. Note that the newsletter block module must necessarily be installed because the splashscreen use the module newsletter for save email list to avoid two separate email lists.

Finally, the last field I will enter is the field message. The video can’t be generated, but there is already its contours with small boxes in corner. In Html that is what we have:

It just need to take the code provided by youtube or dailymotion and insert it in the html source to bring up the video.

Here is the result in the front office:

Help / FAQ / Improvements

1- How to import an image from my pc in the rich text field Prestashop?

Read our article How to import an image into the rich texts Prestashop? (in French)

2- What is the maximum size of the popup?

The popup has a fixed width of 550px. The ideal is if you add an image or a video who does not exceed this width. Regarding the height, it is 400px but can be extended if you add large images. However, we recommend to not go too far beyond, you may have a larger popup than screen size of some of your customers.