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Don’t waste the opportunity to finalize an order

Our “Payment Reminder” module allows you to send reminders mails to your customers who have decided to pay by deferred payment.
After cart reminder, the number of customers who don’t perform their promised payment (bank transfer, send check, sending administrative mandate, etc …) is not to be neglected.

Program the sending delay

After every order made by customers, you can plan a day countdown before sending an initial email to remind.
Similarly, once the first reminder is sent and then no response come back from the customer, a second reminder is sent automatically.
The module also allows to send an email summary of all your orders for which payment was not honored after the second reminder.
You can then choose to cancel the order by yourself or allow additional time for the payment.

As you can see above, you will be able to test yourself to send an email to your email address.

Be careful you must schedule a cron task for let mails to be sent.

View all orders

A dashboard allows you to view all the open orders with indicative of the first and second recall commands.
More details are available for each command:
– The order ID
– The email address of the customer
– The amount of the order
– The number of days since the order has been take
– The method of payment
– The status
– Indicative reminders


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