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1 – News

This areas contains news about eBay module, and all information aimed at merchant using the eBay module.


November 9 2017 – eBay alerts on HTTP links to be replaced by HTTPS
Since a few days, eBay sends alert by email to sellers who publish listing embeding HTTP links. To fix, sellers need to configure their PrestaShop in HTTPS & upgrade to last version of our module 2.0.5.

Seller still using module free version need to upgrade to paid version.

June 21st 2017 – eBay module version 2 available & end of support of free version
After months of work, we are proud to introduce version 2 of eBay module for PrestaShop. eBay module 1.15 will be suported for free during one month ; until July 21st. After this date, you will still be able to use eBay module 1.15, but 202 ecommerce will not support this version anymore.

May 5 2017 – Active content removal
Active contents will be prohibited by eBay from June 2017, please read this article if you don’t know what is an active content, or how to delete it. Since June 2017, active contents will not displayed on eBay anymore, but eBay should not reject the announcements with active contens.

With the eBay module for PrestaShop, active contents may be present in the template and/or in the description of the PrestaShop products:
– eBay module 1.15.5 and before, default template of eBay module contains one active content : search bar at the top right. Since 1.15.6, module delete automatically this search bar from all the template. Customers can delete it manually as well.
– Moreover, default template is customizable, so customization made by merchant may contain active content. This is merchant reponsability to detect and remove custom active content.
– Finally, product descriptions in PrestaShop (written by merchant) may contain active content. This is merchant reponsability to detect and remove custom active content, with eBay’s help if needed.

February 23 2017 – End of PrestaShop 1.4 support
Next eBay module version will not work with PrestaShop 1.4. Merchants using 1.4 will still be able to use version 1.15.4 of eBay module, but will beneficiate of upcoming evolutions.

February 16 2017 – Support of eBay “Out Of Stock” feature
Version 1.15.4 bring support for eBay “Out Of Stock” feature : eBay listing with PrestaShop product where stock is 0 will be assigned “Out Of Stock” flag on eBay. With this flag, listing is kept on eBay but buying is suspended, this allow keeping listing history, comments, etc… As soon as stock is back on PrestaShop, “Out Of Stock” flag is removed, and buying is reactivated on eBay. We strongly recommend all merchants to use this feature.
Warning : this feature needs to be activated on eBay account, read dedicated doc here.

February 29 2016 – EAN codes becomes mandatory for listing on eBay
In order to complete this new requirement, we suggest to read:


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