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 1 – Roadmap

We are constantly working to improve the module.

The Zen Option will be replaced by the “Business Care” Offer from July 1.


2 – Historique des versions

List of released version since 2013 :

Version 2.2.2 – September 2021
[+] Add TLS verification
[+] Add banner Seller Refurbished item will be removed
[+] Add Synchronization VAT for each product
[+] UI improvements
[+] Add a new VAT banner
[*] User authorization token is no longer mandatory
[*] Removed VAT banner
[*] Remove banner OAuth authorization for the Shopping API
[*] Improved translations

Version 2.2.1 – June 2021
[+] Added Auth user token for Shopping API
[+] Added VAT configuration
[+] Added eBay IOSS number in invoice for imports

Version 2.2.0 – June 2021
[+] Add TVA banner
[+] Add “OAuth authorization for the Shopping API” Banner

Version 2.1.9 – May 2021
[+] Improved category synchronization task
[+] Categories already synchronized are highlighted
[*] Optional PayPal account association
[*] Rounding of impact on delivery price
[*] Fix category displaying bug
[*] Fix Error 500 after clean installation


Version 2.1.8 – December 2020
[+] Improved manual sync button
[*] Fix order number in the payment details
[*] Fix error 178149 (AddSellerProfile request)
[*] Fix carriers bug
[*] Interface improvements
[*] minor fixes


Version 2.1.7 – July 2020
[+] front controllers for Cron tasks
[*] orders imported with the same delivery address while there 2 different addresses on ebay
[*] incorrect delivery fees
[*] ebay ID profile issues
[*] issue with empty category downloading
[*] issue with carriers with real fees
[*] minor fixes


Version 2.1.5 – February 2019
[+] add pagination for order tab
[+] add multiple countries for location
[*] task manager improvements
[*] fix bug duplicate listing
[*] fix database structure
[*] minor fixes


Version 2.1.4 – May 2018
Bugfix : import orders


Version 2.1.3 – May 2018
Bugfix : Shipping costs convertion USD > GBP
Bugfix : Messages CRON not corrects
Bugfix : NOSEND-EBAY mail
Bugfix : impossible to delete a profile
Bugfix : issue of relisting of items
Bugfix : button “delete all orphan listings”
Bugfix : error of special carachters in orders tab


Version 2.1.2 – May 2018
[+] PrestaTrust


Version 2.1.1 – Mach 2018
Bug fix: UploadHostedPictrures request
Bug fix: Impact on price
Improvement: handling of errors during endFixedItem


Version 2.1.0 – February 2018
Feature : all remaining countries of 22
Feature : Support for all multivalue item specifics
Feature : Strickout price support in listings
Improvement : Error automation – Regenerating token should create task for all 931 error code
Improvement : Add phone number
Improvement : Category configuration popin Step 3 : add select all / unselect all
Improvement : Quickwin UI / UX
Improvement : Support for PrestaShop ready : rewrite all ajax calls with native controllers
Improvement : eBay change : UploadSiteHostedPictures Calls
Improvement : logs : keep all XML calls in DB
Bug fix : Firefox module BO compatibilty


Version 2.0.5 – November 2017 – New https rules compliancy
New feature : forced all links embeded in description to HTTPS


Version 2.0.4 – November 2017 – Better BO interface for synch
Feature – BO interface : New indicator displaying either last catalog synch, either queue status
Feature – Synch engine : New “Boost mode” allowing to multitask synch execution for non cron catalog synch
Feature – Synch engine : OEM field (in Item specifics) now support multivalue, use , or ; to seperate values
Improvement – BO interface : new look for all catalog view + added refresh button for all views
Improvement – BO interface : new button to force all listing update from products
Bug fix – Synch engine : Image submission to eBay when shop is in HTTPS : forced HTTP because of eBay API restriction
Bug fix – BO interface : View of orders after order manual resynch was crashing
Bug fix – listing template : Feature tag was not working in listing title
Bug fix – BO interface : Reset button of search bar was not working
Bug fix – BO interface : Fixed search on product ID
Bug fix – Synch engine : Fixed multiprofile task manager when adding new task
Bug fix – BO interface : Fixed multivariation orphan product detection
Bug fix – Synch engine : Fixed delivery price for COD
Bug fix – Synch engine : Negative stock is also considered as 0 stock
Bug fix – Synch engine : Multivar products & 0 stock


Version 2.0.3 – September 2017 – Limit stock sent to eBay
New feature : Limit stock sent to eBay
Improvement : Search engine added in category
Improvement : Allow float number in price impact (currently only integer)
Improvement : Minoir UI/UX review
Improvement : limit number of carrier (to mirror ebay limitation)
Improvement : Float number in Price impact
Bug fix : end listing when stock is 0
Bug fix : add a listing in a configured category doesn’t sync
Bug fix : wrong dashboard figures


Version 2.0.2 – August 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – Adding pagination feature in product list
Improvement – admin interface speed
Improvement – button close for fancybox load category
Improvement – Speed improvement
Bug fix – Missing tracking number on some parcels
Bug fix – Resized image bad resolution
Bug fix – Duplicate listing detection improvement
Bug fix – Ebay Err 37 itemStartPrice Fixed
Bug fix – Ebay relistFixedPRiceItem Fixed
Bug fix – Countries in dashboard
Bug fix – New / Used not sent to ebay in particular cases
Bug fix – Order not imported due to “Status not completed, total less than 0.1 or no corresponding product”
Translation – improvements


Version 2.0.1 – July 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – admin interface improvement
Improvement – admin interface speed
Various bug fix


Version 2.0.0 – June 2017 – Complete rework
Complete rework, see features of eBay 2.


End of free version


Version 1.15.6 – May 2017 – Removed active content
Improvement – Removed active content : removed search box from template + search box automatic detect & delete from merchant template.


Version 1.15.5 – April 2017 – K-Type support (auto parts)
Feature – KType based on PS Characteristic with coma separator (aide sur le KType)
Improvement – PrestaShop coding rule fixes : API template
Improvement – PrestaShop coding rule fixes : hard coded images
Improvement – Change Product not published message
Improvement – Add link to help.202 for missing countries
Improvement – Choose characteristic used for variation image
Improvement – eBay 2.0 announcement banner
Bug fix – __getVariationSpecifics request sql fixed
Bug fix – Duplicate listing
Bug fix – Mixed combination on products
Bug fix – Endlisting not working for mono variation products
Bug fix – Wrong carrier on imported order in multiprofile context
Bug fix – Improve pagination loading
Bug fix – Price impact calculation fix : based on PS cat & not eBay cat
Bug fix – Order returns : hide waiting wheel when view empty
Bug fix – Fixed wrong products shown in Orphan products view
Bug fix – Fixed wrong links in PrestaShop products View
Bug fix – Mixed content in HTTPS (fixed template images)
Bug fix – Full uninstaller missed some table (&DELETE_EVERYTHING_EBAY=)
Bug fix – Added missing translations for French & Italian


Version 1.15.4 – February 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – Ensure “Dispatch time” change updates Shipping Policies => force update
Improvement – Sandbox label in module BO
Improvement – Optimise number of calls based getProfile & getProfile preferences. Thanks @frederic34
Improvement – Allow saving of HTML tags in description Improvement – Validator compatibility
Improvement – Add stats for Business Policies & Out Of Stock usage
Bug fix – OutOfStockStatus fix (fix detection + when activated, updates 0 stock products)
Bug fix – Upgrader bug from 1.13.2 & previous
Bug fix – Fatal on __getprices Bug fix – Fixed country iso_code for seller request (Business Policies)
Bug fix – improve CheckBD : added AutoIncrement check


Version 1.15.3 – December 2016 – Bug fix
Improvement : Display error code in API errors message “83 : La durée….”
Improvement : Check BP request error
Improvement : Add Business Policies calls in Vizualisation > API logs
Bug fix : VAT error on cross border sales
Bug fix : Fixed missing Pagination on tab 4
Bug fix : Fixed misworking template tags
Bug fix : BP activation : reinitialize
Bug fix : Block additionnel shipping costs to be corrected
Bug fix : BP : too long shipping policies name
Bug fix : Error in log insertion due to missing pSQL
Bug fix : Automatic log file cleaning above 100 Mo
Bug fix : Table API log to be emptied when API logs deactivated
Bug fix : Tiny MCE does not appear in particular context
Bug fix : Fixed various “notice” errors prevent module from working on notice sensible conf


Version 1.15.2 – November 2016 – Bug fix
Enhanced feature : Auto check additionnal shipping cost is below shipping cost (otherwise refused by eBay API)
Enhanced feature : Alert merchant if root cat is not activated
Bug fix : Customer creation crash when newsletter activated
Bug fix : Multiple order symptom
Bug fix : Tocken regeneration is mandatory after BP activation
Bug fix : PrestaShop validator : add pSQL()
Bug fix : Various RC bugs


Version 1.15.1 – October 2016 – New features
New feature : eBay Money Back Guarantee support
New feature : OutOfStock status Bug fix : Create a new seller profile (Item.SellerProfiles.SellerShippingProfile.ShippingProfileID)
Bug fix : Add the tracking number with orders


Version 1.14.0 – July 2016 – New features
New feature : Support for eBay feature “Business Policies”
Enhanced feature : Product codes : send “Unbranded” when no brand is defined
Enhanced feature : Blocked new module installation based in Italy, Germany & UK (merchant may use 1.13.2 below).


Version 1.13.2 – June 2016 – Bug fix
Bug fix : special caracters in product title crash product synch
Bug fix: Add method who doesn’t exist on prestashop 1.4


Version 1.13.1 – June 2016 – New features & bug fix
New feature : category definition upgrader (aide à l’utilisation)
Improvement : module database check & fix improved (now also check & fix columns)
Bug fix : category do not load for new users in specific configuration


Version 1.13.0 – May 2016 – Bug fix, improvement and stability
New feature : hide “Store categories” tab content when no shop is linked to eBay account
New feature : added max number of image sent for product variation in advanced options
New feature : new logging system for quicker support analysis
Enhanced feature : automatic workaround to allow import of order even if customer email is deprecated
Enhanced feature : Added more help texts
Enhanced feature : “Does not apply” option for Product Code Synch is set by default
Bug fix : configuration saving in multishop context
Bug fix : reviewed & fixed context when importing orders
Bug fix : VAT for orders out of activated PrestaShop countries
Bug fix : Product synch specific issues


Version 1.12.3 – March 2016 – Enhanced feature
Enhanced feature : Added “Does not apply” option for EAN Synch
Bug fix : EAN code for combination


Version 1.12.0 – January 2016 – Bug fix, improvement and stability
New feature : Added ability to send EAN to eBay Improvement (support ease & autonomous analysis) : new “Vizualisation” screens “PrestaShop Products” & “API Logs”.
Improvement (support ease & autonomous analysis) : added direct link to module KB (help.202-ecommerce.com)
Improvement (solidity) : ajax loading of categories
Improvement (solidity) : ajax loading of Item Specific
Improvement (autonomous analysis) : UI/UX improvements
Improvement : usage stats


Version 1.11- July 2015 – Bug fix, improvement and stability
New feature : ensure image format used for listing creation is big enough (new ebay image size requirements)
New feature : new overview screen to list all products synch with eBay, including synch settings & orphan listings
New feature : Redesign of categories’ screen
Enhanced feature : more helpers and alert messages to reduce misconfiguration of the module
Enhanced feature : order synch – use of item ID when SKU cannot be found when creating orders in Prestashop
Enhanced feature : Added warning concerning CRON Task
Bug fix : on ebay_user length


Version 1.10.2- May 2015 – Bug fix-New feature
Bug fix : This add little fixes concerning store categories and allows user to use HTML view for tinymce on 1.6.
New feature : list the parent categories and sub categories in tab ebay store categories


Version 1.10.1- March 2015 – Bug fix
Bug fix : Pagination on categories in tab eBay store categories


Version 1.10 – March 2015 – Bug fix
Bug fix : Pagination on categories
Bug fix : Double image product
Bug fix : Database on 32 bits blocks store category configuration
Bug fix : on CRON usages Bug fix : when API logs are enabled and user changes states
Bug fix : on sending shipping code
Bug fix : Fixed when installing the module without configurating it
Bug fix : when an order has two same product with two different variations
Bug fix : Send store category on revise fixed price item
Bug fix : Use POST on jquery ajax call to use https or http
Bug fix : Deletes javascript format on description
Enhanced feature : Send tracking number
Enhanced feature : Use of $params[‘id_product’] if $params[‘product’]->id does not exists
New feature : Alert when user tries to connect with email and not ebay username


Version 1.9.2 – January 2015 – Bug fixes
Bug fix : Pagination tab “category”
Bug fix : Pagination tab “category eBay”
Bug fix : Correction link tutorial videos


Version 1.9.1 – December 2014 – New features
New feature : eBay Shop category Configuration
New feature : Sync orders status from PS to eBay
New feature : Promotional prices report on eBay
New feature : Functional logs
New feature : Immediat payment
New feature : UI / UX rework, including better error managment
New feature : Automaticaly delete data that is not allowed by eBay in descriptions
Bug fix : Synchronization is performed on all quantities saved profiles.
Bug fix : Images to multivariation products are now selected.
Bug fix : JavaScript error which prevented configuring the shipping tab was corrected
Bug fix : These are the currency configured in the profiles that are taken into account and not the default currency of PrestaShop


Version 1.8.2 – October 2014 – Bug fix
Bug fix : when module is installed but not configured, fatal error at regular ordering


Version 1.8.1 – September 2014 – New feature
New feature : Support of active CBT (Cross Border Trade) = multiple eBay accounts / multiple eBay sites.


Version 1.7.2 – August 2014 – Bug fix
Bug fix : when PHP version lower than 5.2 use of anonymous functions


Version 1.7.1 – August 2014 – New features
New feature : MultiShop support
New feature : Template Preview
New feature : UI / UX design
New feature : Shipping zone per shipping service
New feature : Manually sync orders
New feature : CRON Tasks to automatically sync products and orders
New feature : Stats for eBay use
New feature : Category configuration on multiple pages to avoid max_post_vars
New feature : List of synchronized products with link to eBay product
New feature : Activate log manually Bug fix : Order Formating to improve order synchronization


Version 1.6.7 – April 2014 – Minor release
New feature : Support of eBay.de, eBay.ch, eBay.at
Bug fix : for PrestaShop 1.4 and categories updating in eBay
Bug fix : when multiples product in order from eBay, only count one time the shipping fees
Bug fix : function updateByIdProduct()
Bug fix : when using PrestaShop 1.5.2, not loading fancybox and blocking configuration tabs Compatibility with Prestashop 1.6


Version 1.6.6 – March 2014 – Prestashop update
Remove Prestashop version compliancy check


Version 1.6.5 – March 2014 – Prestashop update
Add Prestashop version compliancy check


Version 1.6.4 – February 2014
Bug fix : Added bug fix because of evolution of PrestaShop : empty cache of stocks


Version 1.6.3 – January 2014
Translation : added translation for Help tab in Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch
Bug fix : handling fee taking into the shipping fee when enabled on carrier


Version 1.6.2 – January 2014 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : merchant located out of supported countries can now access the module
Bug fix : color of buttons in Firefox
Translation : added all transations of documentation (PDF file) except EN


Version 1.6.1 – December 2013 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : upgrade tool


Version 1.6.0 – November 2013 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Belgium, Poland & Netherland
New feature : destination eBay site is now a manual choice
New feature : added doc (PDF file) in english only https://www.202-ecommerce.com/ebay/doc_en.pdf
New feature : added inline help Improvement : UI/UX
New feature : added support of return shipping cost assignment
New feature : choose size of images sent to eBay


Version 1.5.3 – October 2013 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : losing sql connection in particular context
Bug fix : item revision leads to addition because cast in int was not working (item_ref is not an int)
Bug fix : problem with item condition


Version 1.5.2 – September 2013 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : fixed bug for carrier with free shipping return 0 instead of false !
Bug fix : check if EbayCountrySpec exists before using it (for version 1.4 of PrestaShop)
Bug fix : shipping fee not calculated in particular context
Bug fix : variations sending for Prestashop 1.4.
Bug fix : multishop with context set to group


Version 1.5.1 – August 2013 – Bug Fix 
Bug fix : issue on I18N : all PS 1.4.x merchants get english in BO


Version 1.5.0 – August 2013 – New features
New feature : single product submission
New feature : support for Item Specifics
New feature : support for add more than one image (paying option)
Improvement : eBay account authentication process
Improvement : images behavior : position and not order
Improvement : code refactoring (coding standards)
Improvement : compatibility with Prestabox


Version 1.4.1 – May 2013 – Bug Fix
New feature : added support for listing title up to 80 caracters (instead of 50)
Bug fix : support for latin letters in brand names
Bug fix : Orders using API payment modules error on Prestashop due to eBay module


Version 1.4.0 – April 2013 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Spain & UK
New feature : added support for eBay policies
New feature : added support of handeling time
New feature : added support of listing duration
New feature : added support of Item Condition
New feature : product price impact now set in fix amount
New feature : added the tab “Shipping fees” with national & international fees based on PS carrier
Improvement : eBay account authentication system fixes
Improvement : categories loading in Ajax to avoid memory limits of servers


Version – October 2012 – Bug fix
Bug fix : fixed various bug identified by Prestashop during Q1 & Q2 2012


Version 1.3.6 – September 2012 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Italy