Incentive platform for salespeople

An innovative method to stimulate your sales force

Want to set up a rewards program to motivate your teams on business challenges or training? 202ecommerce offers a simple solution for creating a fully manageable gift shop.

Personalized gift catalog

Based on a PrestaShop store, Atomic Reward lets you freely create a gift catalog, setting prices in points for each item. Want to offer your company’s products, or goods aimed specifically at those you want to incentivize? You can! This custom catalog can, of course, be supplemented by gift vouchers.

Each expense made by an employee or reseller then appears as an order in your administration interface.

Ready-to-use solution

The Atomic Reward solution is optimized for mobile display and can be set up very quickly

Basic customization: we’ll integrate your logo, personalized texts, and the main colors of your visual identity. The platform can be set up in 2 to 4 weeks.

Intermediate personalization: basic visual research is carried out to deliver a personalized gift shop. The platform can be set up in 10 weeks.

Advanced customization: deep visual research is carried out, from storyboarding of all or part of the screens (UX) to back-and-forth graphic design (DA). The platform can be set up in 3 to 4 months.

Connected point bank

Atomic Reward is natively connected with the Teach On Mars e-learning application to encourage online learning.

It’s also possible to add points via our simple documented API, or through manual imports.

Our case studies

Atomic Reward is now used by tens of thousands of people, including prestigious companies like : Coty, Laboratoire SVR, One4You.

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