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July 2022: eBay 2 Official for PrestaShop becomes open source

Launched in 2012, the official eBay module became paid in 2017 after eBay stopped sponsoring the module. Since July 2022, the module is available for free on Github at this address and is no longer available on PrestaShop Addons.
However, 202 ecommerce will provide support to all merchants with an active Business Care license, until their license expires.

After expiration of the license, or for merchants who do not have an active Business Care license, 202 ecommerce offers its services of assistance, support or maintenance according to the price list of our agency.
To obtain a quote, contact our sales department indicating precisely your needs.

You already created listing on eBay, and you want these listings to be updated by PrestaShop ? You need to import listing inside PrestaShop and then eBay 2 module to synchronize them.

1 – Why import eBay listings ?

Avoid creating new products sheets: eBay 2 module allows to transform your PrestaShop products into eBay listing. However, it does not allow to create Prestashop products from eBay : without importing, eBay 2 would create new listings.

Avoid losing your eBay ranking: age, notation (stars) & comments value your listing. If you let eBay 2 create new listings, you would loose all this value … and position in eBay search results.

Save configuration time: eBay listing import includes eBay 2 module configuration.

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2 – Price

Importing eBay listing to PrestaShop is a complex work that requires lot of manual actions.

0,75 € HT per listing/span – Minimum amount : 750 €HT.

Exemples :
100 listings : 750 €HT
500 listings : 750 €HT
1000 listings : 750 €HT
2000 listings : 1 500 €HT

Contact us for more information or arrange service.