eBay listings import

You already created listing on eBay, and you want these listings to be updated by PrestaShop ? You need to import listing inside PrestaShop and then eBay 2 module to synchronize them.

1 – Why import eBay listings ?

Avoid creating new products sheets: eBay 2 module allows to transform your PrestaShop products into eBay listing. However, it does not allow to create Prestashop products from eBay : without importing, eBay 2 would create new listings.

Avoid losing your eBay ranking: age, notation (stars) & comments value your listing. If you let eBay 2 create new listings, you would loose all this value … and position in eBay search results.

Save configuration time: eBay listing import includes eBay 2 module configuration.

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2 – Price

Importing eBay listing to PrestaShop is a complex work that requires lot of manual actions.

0,75 € HT per listing/span – Minimum amount : 750 €HT.

Exemples :
100 listings : 750 €HT
500 listings : 750 €HT
1000 listings : 750 €HT
2000 listings : 1 500 €HT

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