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You propose a wide range of products and have a lot of categories and subcategories?
You want to make your shop easier and make it more ergonomic?
You are fallen on the right page!

Organize the Category View

Our module “configurable block menu category” allows you to create one or more blocks with a list of contextual categories, configuration of the depth based on the category or product being.

Flexible module

The module is completely customizable, it was designed to be displayed on any design.
Change the name as desired of your blocks :
– Add a technical name to link a block to a CSS class
– Choose the level of minimum depth
– Choose the level of maximum depth
– Select from the many hooks available

Case Scenario

The blocks are displayed only when the client is in a subcategory of those minimum depth or when a product whose the default category is below the minimum level of depth.

Take for example a shop with a tree on 3 levels.
The catalog is composed of:
– Category Level 1 : Rays
— Category Level 2 : Range
— Category Level 3 : Ranges

You can display a menu of categories of level 2 in the left column.
You want, once entering the Level 1 category, a side block has lines and sub ranges.
You create a block, and choose as the minimum level of 2 contextual depth, as maximum 3. Thus, the block will be fired only for navigation in the categories of level 2 or 3, as well as products with the default category is level 2 or 3.



You can of course add on blocks and set the way you want.