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Avoid duplicate content for let your pages being SEO friendly

Duplicate content is one thing to fight when you want optimize the listing of your pages. While it was a common practice to copy the text when the same products were present, Google has prevailed, particularly in the copy of the text from website to website. What could be more logical than protect the texts, google find the oldest text between the older and the newest one and buried the second one of its search engine.

Canonical link, here to prevent duplicate content issues

For not being find in this situation in your shop, we offer the canonical links module that will allow you to tell Google that you have two pages who are seems to be the same, but one of the two (and it will be up to you ) is the gold standard.


We will start from an simple tree:


I will configure my canonical links in my back office. My goal is to have in absolute reference Accessories > Ipods and avoid duplicate content with Ipods > Accessories.

So I chose my duplicate category and my reference category which refers to my table below. There is no limit to the number of canonical links.

Here is the result when you get to the duplicated category:

The information is given to google that the absolute reference, to avoid duplicate content is a different page.

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