Atomic Suite

The Atomic Suite Framework: the major asset in your e-commerce game

You dreamed of it … 202 did it!

A combo of best front-office best practices: this is what the 202 ecommerce agency has brought together in its exclusive Atomic Suite Framework.

The fruit of a demanding R&D program for several years, this Framework joins forces with the Open Source solution PrestaShop to offer the best in terms of the development universe

The advantages of a shared platform

Atomic Suite is developed as a shared platform.

Assets :

  1. Regularly enrich the functionalities for all customers
  2. Streamline updates for the entire 202 e-commerce customer base
  3. Drastically reduce of maintenance costs

Rather, judge the benefits of the Atomic Suite Framework for your site:

A professional and Mobile First theme

  • Responsive Design for optimal display on different mobile devices.
  • SEO optimizations: microformats, many SEO agency recommendations included
  • Cœur Bootstrap V4.5 : Mobile First
  • Progressive Web App: All the advantages of native apps without the disadvantages. Ultra fast. immediate access. offline operation.

Display speed: outstanding performance

  • Theme with optimized frontcode for super-fast viewing
  • Advanced caching system with record times response
  • Performance gains validated with Google Page Speed ​​Insight

Editorial: manage the content of your site in complete autonomy

  • Compose pages / banners / menus from a library of components
  • Create dynamic display blocks from a library of components
  • Manage content independently

Other components

  • Blog fully integrated into the product catalog
  • Search Results Filters