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Expand a little more your payment methods

Our “Administrative Mandate” module allows french communities and administrations to benefit from a payment method that is reserved for them.

The customer print, sign & stamp and sends you the mandate and the payment is confirmed!

After selecting this payment method:
– The customer prints the PDF file that will be available for download (mandate includes the details of the customer’s preceded by an “Acceptance” box to customize which explains the steps involved in sending the mandate.)
– The customer notes the bank details on this PDF.
– The customer signs and stamps the mandate.
– The customer mailing or fax the mandate.

Upon the reception of the mandate, the store change the order status to “Administrative Mandate received” which is the equivalent of “payment accepted” and then, can send the products from order.

A setup easy to set

The module consists of four boxes to be completed by the store:
– Post information where send the mandate
– Name of account holder
– Bank details (RIB, IBAN, etc …)
– The address of the bank

Hook available


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