DNA & Methodology

Like you, we love that a plan goes off without a hitch!

Our recipe: meticulous IT management + concentrated Talent

We offer full-service solutions ranging from web strategy consulting, website creation, monitoring and optimization of your ecommerce site. Computer science is a vast field and our skills are sharp in every facet. We specialize in e-commerce by adapting web techniques to the specific needs of online sales.

With a twenty-person team passionate about all facets of the internet, our agency works alongside online merchants, driven by the common goal of boosting online activity through fluid user experiences and robust, scalable technical platforms.

Like you, we love when plans go off without a hitch!

We favor the PrestaShop solution for its flexibility, simplicity and speed of implementation. These advantages ensure that our customers have a relatively low TCO (Total Cost of Implementation) compared to other Open Source Ecommerce solutions.

We’re also powered by our exclusive ATOMIC Suite Framework. Thanks to several years of R&D investment, this tool guarantees compliance with all Front-office best practices: Mobile First, Bootstrap V4.5, Google Friendly SEO, Responsive WebDesign, Cache system for record display speed, Progressive Web App, etc.

Finally, our organization focuses on project management and quality control. We work closely with project participants on the client side (project manager, sponsor, marketing manager, CIO, etc.) and offer progress reports and tools for monitoring the project schedule in real time. We’re commited to meeting all deadlines.

Stages of an E-Commerce project

1. Desing

Identify what makes your project stand out in its market, understand the major expectations of site users, define the project’s process and organizational impacts on your company.

2. Storyboarding

Create wireframes for every key screen of the future eshop, ensuring the best possible user experience and optimal CTA conversions.

3. Graphic design

Design the storyboard to maximize visual and memorial impacts in line with the objectives defined during the design phase.

4. Development

Implement code for managing the Front Office and Back Office in compliance with PrestaShop standards and using 202ecommerce tools.

5. Testing

Test the completed project to validate its proper functioning and concordance with the previous steps.

6. SEO Optimizations

On-page: tag information, keyword integration, tone of voice, URL layout, internal linking. Off-site: backlinks, social signals..

7. Deployment

Deploy the site developed on work environments to the environment accessible by consumers.