Over 500 companies participated in this year’s Salon eCommerce. 202 ecommerce attended this year, exhibiting alongside other similar, complimentary companies. Together, in the dedicated space for “l’Auberge Ecommerce,” we formed the “Dream Team” for visiting eCommerce merchants. More than 35,000 visitors passed through the doors of the salon, exploring different zones: Digital marketing, Customer experience, Logistics, and finally Technologies, in which 202 ecommerce was present.

These three days of presentations and advice on eCommerce in such a dynamic atmosphere were both friendly and professional at the same time. During these three days, 202 attended the eCommerce blog BBQ, where conversations continued after the show had ended. In short, this enjoyable event served yet again to confirm 202 as an expert in eCommerce, and an important PrestaShop partner.



202 ecommerce attended the Salon eCommerce alongside other PrestaShop partners, forming the eCommerce “Dream Team”

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