Official eBay module version 2 Fast and easy, push your catalog onto eBay and synchronize your orders in PrestaShop

1 – News on eBay module for PrestaShop

This areas contains news about eBay module, and all information aimed at merchant using the eBay module.

June 21st 2017 – eBay module version 2 available & end of support of free version
After months of work, we are proud to introduce version 2 of eBay module for PrestaShop. eBay module 1.15 will be suported for free during one month ; until July 21st. After this date, you will still be able to use eBay module 1.15, but 202 ecommerce will not support this version anymore.

May 5 2017 – Active content removal
Active contents will be prohibited by eBay from June 2017, please read this article if you don’t know what is an active content, or how to delete it. Since June 2017, active contents will not displayed on eBay anymore, but eBay should not reject the announcements with active contens.

With the eBay module for PrestaShop, active contents may be present in the template and/or in the description of the PrestaShop products:
– eBay module 1.15.5 and before, default template of eBay module contains one active content : search bar at the top right. Since 1.15.6, module delete automatically this search bar from all the template. Customers can delete it manually as well.
– Moreover, default template is customizable, so customization made by merchant may contain active content. This is merchant reponsability to detect and remove custom active content.
– Finally, product descriptions in PrestaShop (written by merchant) may contain active content. This is merchant reponsability to detect and remove custom active content, with eBay’s help if needed.

February 23 2017 – End of PrestaShop 1.4 support
Next eBay module version will not work with PrestaShop 1.4. Merchants using 1.4 will still be able to use version 1.15.4 of eBay module, but will beneficiate of upcoming evolutions.

February 16 2017 – Support of eBay “Out Of Stock” feature
Version 1.15.4 bring support for eBay “Out Of Stock” feature : eBay listing with PrestaShop product where stock is 0 will be assigned “Out Of Stock” flag on eBay. With this flag, listing is kept on eBay but buying is suspended, this allow keeping listing history, comments, etc… As soon as stock is back on PrestaShop, “Out Of Stock” flag is removed, and buying is reactivated on eBay. We strongly recommend all merchants to use this feature.
Warning : this feature needs to be activated on eBay account, read dedicated doc here.

February 29 2016 – EAN codes becomes mandatory for listing on eBay
In order to complete this new requirement, we suggest to read:


2.1 – A complete redesign to boost your sales on eBay

After months of developement, we are proud to introduce the new version of our eBay module for PrestaShop : eBay Official 2. The module was totally redesigned to provide merchants with the best-to-date tool to list on eBay from PrestaShop.

The core of the module – the sync engine – was recoded entirely. Stock updates are now performed independantly from other data, to ensure stock accuracy even in case eBay would block updates of listing content. Updates are now performed asynchronously (background process). This makes it possible to continue working on PrestaShop while listing on eBay is in progress. Lastly, an error management system shows which products are rejected from eBay and the reason for it. Therefore, so you can make the necessary corrections and maximize inventory part live on eBay.

Ergonomics was fully redesigned, to make it easier to match your categories and products features, often considered as the most tedious work !

The new order import system helps you track the status of all your eBay orders (successfully imported or not).


Fast synchronisation, including for large inventories

New sync engine can support high volumes

  Available in all countries where eBay is available

You’re not limited anymore in cross border !

  Listing rejection detection system

Make the necessary adjustments on products to maximize inventory publised on eBay



2.2 – Feature list

* Support in 22 countries where eBay is available
* Domestic and international shipping management
* Shipping calculated on PrestaShop grid
* Product features management
* Cross-profiles, cross-countries and cross-accounts
* Templates available for customizing product description
* Product variation management
* Quantity and price sync
* Order import
* Tracking number updates
* Product code management (EAN, MPN, ISBN, Etc..)
* eBay category matching
  * eBay store category matching
* Sync logs
* Terms and conditions management
* Sync with or without a cron task
* Error report and correction support
* Sync managed in batch
* UX/UI redesign for easier day to day use
* Set-up support for quick onboarding
* Recovery of your current settings from previous module
* Unlimited support for 3 months
* Unlimited access to online help
* Official module in partnership with eBay


2.3 – List of supported eBay sites

In eBay module free version (1.15 & before), eBay sites availability was conditioned to a prestnership between eBay & PrestaShop at country level. As far as module is now founded by merchants, all eBay sites will be available.

In version 2.0.0 of eBay module, these eBay site are avilable :

Missing eBay sites are countries where a VAT apply between states, and eBay module cannot curently support internal VAT. This feature & missing eBay sites will be added in version 2.0.2.


3 – Price

We were glad to provide the eBay module for free since 2012. Today, still in close partnership with eBay, the new module will be charged in order to provide better service and support to our many merchants.

Merchants not willing to purchase module version 2 will still be able to use the current free version. However, they won’t access the lastest improvements nor benefit from our support.

149 € HT

eBay module 2 unlimited use : no catalog size restriction, no ebay site restriction, no duration restriction !

As all orders made on Addons :
– This includes module unlimited use + 3 months support & 3 months module updates.
– A “Zen” option can purchased at PrestaShop Addons (see FAQ Addons and search for “Zen”) which extends support and module updates. For eBay 2 module, Zen option price will be 97 € HT for 9 extra months, so 12 months support & 12 months module updates.


4 – Upgrade to module version 2

From a technical point of view, module version 2 is a “classic” module upgrade, feed will not be broken, and marchants will not need to configure module again.

In order to upgrade, merchants need to buy version 3 module on Addons, then download module zip file, and add module 2 on top of eBay 1 module (ie : without uninstalling eBay 1). Once installed, version 2 will replace version 1.

Once installed, merchants will access new features of version 2 whithout need to re-configure. For example :
– Rejected products will appear progressively, after each product update rejection by eBay.
– In the same way, order re-import will be accessible for orders that failed to import after module upgrade.


5 – Newsletter module eBay Officiel 2

Get all updates on eBay module, suscribe to the dedicated newsletter 


6.1 – Help on module installation & usage

Please read our documentation which explains how to use the module.

English : help site and Video Tutorial
Spanish : Ayuda websiteVideo Tutorial
Italian : Video Tutorial

French : site d’aide et Tutoriel Vidéo


6.2 -Troubleshooting

If you face any technical issue using this module, please follow theses steps :

We will not answer any support request without support request.

We are really kind on helping merchant as much as we can, but keep in mind that we need time to answer all support requests.


7 – Next versions

We work on a strong roadmap in order to provide the best in class module, below are next versions.

2.0.4 – October 2017 – VAT inside countries
New feature : support for VAT inside a country
New feature : adding eBay sites requiring VAT inside a country = USA, etc…
New feature : cross border VAT : option for price impact

2.0.5 – November 2017 – To be announced


8 – Previous versions

List of released version since 2013 :

2.0.3 – 18 September 2017 – Limit stock sent to eBay
New feature : Limit stock sent to eBay
Improvement : Search engine added in category
Improvement : Allow float number in price impact (currently only integer)
Improvement : Minoir UI/UX review
Improvement : limit number of carrier (to mirror ebay limitation)
Improvement : Float number in Price impact
Bug fix : end listing when stock is 0
Bug fix : add a listing in a configured category doesn’t sync
Bug fix : wrong dashboard figures

2.0.2 – 15 August 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – Adding pagination feature in product list
Improvement – admin interface speed
Improvement – button close for fancybox load category
Improvement – Speed improvement
Bug fix – Missing tracking number on some parcels
Bug fix – Resized image bad resolution
Bug fix – Duplicate listing detection improvement
Bug fix – Ebay Err 37 itemStartPrice Fixed
Bug fix – Ebay relistFixedPRiceItem Fixed
Bug fix – Countries in dashboard
Bug fix – New / Used not sent to ebay in particular cases
Bug fix – Order not imported due to “Status not completed, total less than 0.1 or no corresponding product”
Translation – improvements

2.0.1 – 12 July 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – admin interface improvement
Improvement – admin interface speed
Various bug fix

2.0.0 – 20 June 2017 – Complete rework
Complete rework, see features in this page.

End of free version

1.15.6 – 17 may 2017 – Removed active content
Improvement – Removed active content : removed search box from template + search box automatic detect & delete from merchant template.

1.15.5 – 26 April 2017 – K-Type support (auto parts)
Feature – KType based on PS Characteristic with coma separator (help on KType)
Improvement – PrestaShop coding rule fixes : API template
Improvement – PrestaShop coding rule fixes : hard coded images
Improvement – Change Product not published message
Improvement – Add link to help.202 for missing countries
Improvement – Choose characteristic used for variation image
Improvement – eBay 2.0 announcement banner
Bug fix – __getVariationSpecifics request sql fixed
Bug fix – Duplicate listing
Bug fix – Mixed combination on products
Bug fix – Endlisting not working for mono variation products
Bug fix – Wrong carrier on imported order in multiprofile context
Bug fix – Improve pagination loading
Bug fix – Price impact calculation fix : based on PS cat & not eBay cat
Bug fix – Order returns : hide waiting wheel when view empty
Bug fix – Fixed wrong products shown in Orphan products view
Bug fix – Fixed wrong links in PrestaShop products View
Bug fix – Mixed content in HTTPS (fixed template images)
Bug fix – Full uninstaller missed some table (&DELETE_EVERYTHING_EBAY=)
Bug fix – Added missing translations for French & Italian

1.15.4 – February 16 2017 – Bug fix
Improvement – Ensure “Dispatch time” change updates Shipping Policies => force update
Improvement – Sandbox label in module BO
Improvement – Optimise number of calls based getProfile & getProfile preferences. Thanks @frederic34
Improvement – Allow saving of HTML tags in description Improvement – Validator compatibility
Improvement – Add stats for Business Policies & Out Of Stock usage
Bug fix – OutOfStockStatus fix (fix detection + when activated, updates 0 stock products)
Bug fix – Upgrader bug from 1.13.2 & previous
Bug fix – Fatal on __getprices Bug fix – Fixed country iso_code for seller request (Business Policies)
Bug fix – improve CheckBD : added AutoIncrement check

1.15.3 – December 22 2016 – Bug fix
Improvement : Display error code in API errors message “83 : La durée….”
Improvement : Check BP request error
Improvement : Add Business Policies calls in Vizualisation > API logs
Bug fix : VAT error on cross border sales
Bug fix : Fixed missing Pagination on tab 4
Bug fix : Fixed misworking template tags
Bug fix : BP activation : reinitialize
Bug fix : Block additionnel shipping costs to be corrected
Bug fix : BP : too long shipping policies name
Bug fix : Error in log insertion due to missing pSQL
Bug fix : Automatic log file cleaning above 100 Mo
Bug fix : Table API log to be emptied when API logs deactivated
Bug fix : Tiny MCE does not appear in particular context
Bug fix : Fixed various “notice” errors prevent module from working on notice sensible conf

1.15.2 – November 21 2016 – Bug fix
Enhanced feature : Auto check additionnal shipping cost is below shipping cost (otherwise refused by eBay API)
Enhanced feature : Alert merchant if root cat is not activated
Bug fix : Customer creation crash when newsletter activated
Bug fix : Multiple order symptom
Bug fix : Tocken regeneration is mandatory after BP activation
Bug fix : PrestaShop validator : add pSQL()
Bug fix : Various RC bugs

1.15.1 – October 26 2016 – New features
New feature : eBay Money Back Guarantee support
New feature : OutOfStock status Bug fix : Create a new seller profile (Item.SellerProfiles.SellerShippingProfile.ShippingProfileID)
Bug fix : Add the tracking number with orders

1.14.0 – July 26 2016 – New features
New feature : Support for eBay feature “Business Policies”
Enhanced feature : Product codes : send “Unbranded” when no brand is defined
Enhanced feature : Blocked new module installation based in Italy, Germany & UK (merchant may use 1.13.2 below).

1.13.2 – June 16 2016 – Bug fix
Bug fix : special caracters in product title crash product synch
Bug fix: Add method who doesn’t exist on prestashop 1.4

1.13.1 – June 6 2016 – New features & bug fix
New feature : category definition upgrader (aide à l’utilisation)
Improvement : module database check & fix improved (now also check & fix columns)
Bug fix : category do not load for new users in specific configuration

1.13.0 – May 18 2016 – Bug fix, Improvement and stability
New feature : hide “Store categories” tab content when no shop is linked to eBay account
New feature : added max number of image sent for product variation in advanced options
New feature : new logging system for quicker support analysis
Enhanced feature : automatic workaround to allow import of order even if customer email is deprecated
Enhanced feature : Added more help texts
Enhanced feature : “Does not apply” option for Product Code Synch is set by default
Bug fix : configuration saving in multishop context
Bug fix : reviewed & fixed context when importing orders
Bug fix : VAT for orders out of activated PrestaShop countries
Bug fix : Product synch specific issues

1.12.3 – March 14 2016 – Enhanced feature
Enhanced feature : Added “Does not apply” option for EAN Synch
Bug fix : EAN code for combination

1.12.0 – January 29 2016 – Bug fix, improvement and stability
New feature : Added ability to send EAN to eBay Improvement (support ease & autonomous analysis) : new “Vizualisation” screens “PrestaShop Products” & “API Logs”.
Improvement (support ease & autonomous analysis) : added direct link to module KB (
Improvement (solidity) : ajax loading of categories
Improvement (solidity) : ajax loading of Item Specific
Improvement (autonomous analysis) : UI/UX improvements
Improvement : usage stats

1.11- July 22 2015 – Bug fix, improvement and stability
New feature : ensure image format used for listing creation is big enough (new ebay image size requirements)
New feature : new overview screen to list all products synch with eBay, including synch settings & orphan listings
New feature : Redesign of categories’ screen
Enhanced feature : more helpers and alert messages to reduce misconfiguration of the module
Enhanced feature : order synch – use of item ID when SKU cannot be found when creating orders in Prestashop
Enhanced feature : Added warning concerning CRON Task
Bug fix : on ebay_user length

1.10.2- May 05 2015 – Bug fix-New feature
Bug fix : This add little fixes concerning store categories and allows user to use HTML view for tinymce on 1.6.
New feature : list the parent categories and sub categories in tab ebay store categories

1.10.1- March 13 2015 – Bug fix
Bug fix : Pagination on categories in tab eBay store categories

1.10 – March 11 2015 – Bug fix
Bug fix : Pagination on categories
Bug fix : Double image product
Bug fix : Database on 32 bits blocks store category configuration
Bug fix : on CRON usages Bug fix : when API logs are enabled and user changes states
Bug fix : on sending shipping code
Bug fix : Fixed when installing the module without configurating it
Bug fix : when an order has two same product with two different variations
Bug fix : Send store category on revise fixed price item
Bug fix : Use POST on jquery ajax call to use https or http
Bug fix : Deletes javascript format on description
Enhanced feature : Send tracking number
Enhanced feature : Use of $params[‘id_product’] if $params[‘product’]->id does not exists
New feature : Alert when user tries to connect with email and not ebay username

1.9.2 – January 08 2015 – Bug fixes
Bug fix : Pagination tab “category”
Bug fix : Pagination tab “category eBay”
Bug fix : Correction link tutorial videos

1.9.1 – December 10 2014 – New features
New feature : eBay Shop category Configuration
New feature : Sync orders status from PS to eBay
New feature : Promotional prices report on eBay
New feature : Functional logs
New feature : Immediat payment
New feature : UI / UX rework, including better error managment
New feature : Automaticaly delete data that is not allowed by eBay in descriptions
Bug fix : Synchronization is performed on all quantities saved profiles.
Bug fix : Images to multivariation products are now selected.
Bug fix : JavaScript error which prevented configuring the shipping tab was corrected
Bug fix : These are the currency configured in the profiles that are taken into account and not the default currency of PrestaShop

1.8.2 – October 27 2014 – Bug fix
Bug fix : when module is installed but not configured, fatal error at regular ordering

1.8.1 – September 17 2014 – New feature
New feature : Support of active CBT (Cross Border Trade) = multiple eBay accounts / multiple eBay sites.

1.7.2 – August 19 2014 – Bug fix
Bug fix : when PHP version lower than 5.2 use of anonymous functions

1.7.1 – August 13 3014 – New features
New feature : MultiShop support
New feature : Template Preview
New feature : UI / UX design
New feature : Shipping zone per shipping service
New feature : Manually sync orders
New feature : CRON Tasks to automatically sync products and orders
New feature : Stats for eBay use
New feature : Category configuration on multiple pages to avoid max_post_vars
New feature : List of synchronized products with link to eBay product
New feature : Activate log manually Bug fix : Order Formating to improve order synchronization

1.6.7 – April 30 2014 – Minor release
New feature : Support of,,
Bug fix : for PrestaShop 1.4 and categories updating in eBay
Bug fix : when multiples product in order from eBay, only count one time the shipping fees
Bug fix : function updateByIdProduct()
Bug fix : when using PrestaShop 1.5.2, not loading fancybox and blocking configuration tabs Compatibility with Prestashop 1.6

1.6.6 – March 29 2014 – Prestashop update
Remove Prestashop version compliancy check

1.6.5 – March 28 2014 – Prestashop update
Add Prestashop version compliancy check

1.6.4 – February 11
Bug fix : Added bug fix because of evolution of PrestaShop : empty cache of stocks

1.6.3 – January 15
Translation : added translation for Help tab in Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch
Bug fix : handling fee taking into the shipping fee when enabled on carrier

1.6.2 – January 13 2014 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : merchant located out of supported countries can now access the module
Bug fix : color of buttons in Firefox
Translation : added all transations of documentation (PDF file) except EN

1.6.1 – December 3rd 2013 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : upgrade tool

1.6.0 – November 28 2013 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Belgium, Poland & Netherland
New feature : destination eBay site is now a manual choice
New feature : added doc (PDF file) in english only
New feature : added inline help Improvement : UI/UX
New feature : added support of return shipping cost assignment
New feature : choose size of images sent to eBay

1.5.3 – October 7 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : losing sql connection in particular context
Bug fix : item revision leads to addition because cast in int was not working (item_ref is not an int)
Bug fix : problem with item condition

1.5.2 – September 9 – Bug Fix
Bug fix : fixed bug for carrier with free shipping return 0 instead of false !
Bug fix : check if EbayCountrySpec exists before using it (for version 1.4 of PrestaShop)
Bug fix : shipping fee not calculated in particular context
Bug fix : variations sending for Prestashop 1.4.
Bug fix : multishop with context set to group

1.5.1 – August 20 – Bug Fix –
Bug fix : issue on I18N : all PS 1.4.x merchants get english in BO

1.5.0 – August 14 2013 – New features
New feature : single product submission
New feature : support for Item Specifics
New feature : support for add more than one image (paying option)
Improvement : eBay account authentication process
Improvement : images behavior : position and not order
Improvement : code refactoring (coding standards)
Improvement : compatibility with Prestabox

1.4.1 – May 8 2013 – Bug Fix
New feature : added support for listing title up to 80 caracters (instead of 50)
Bug fix : support for latin letters in brand names
Bug fix : Orders using API payment modules error on Prestashop due to eBay module

1.4.0 – April 25 2013 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Spain & UK
New feature : added support for eBay policies
New feature : added support of handeling time
New feature : added support of listing duration
New feature : added support of Item Condition
New feature : product price impact now set in fix amount (on top of existing %) & more than 5%
New feature : added the tab “Shipping fees” with national & international fees based on PS carrier
Improvement : eBay account authentication system fixes
Improvement : categories loading in Ajax to avoid memory limits of servers – October 18 2012 – Bug fix
Bug fix : fixed various bug identified by Prestashop during Q1 & Q2 2012

1.3.6 – September 2012 – New features
New feature : added support of new eBay site : Italy
New feature : ? done by Prestashop